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Ruby Is a Mess on Windows

If you’re wondering why I haven’t updated this website in a while, it’s because this blog is using Octopress , which requires Ruby and quite a few gems in order to work. I reformatted my computer a month or two ago, which means that I needed to reinstall my Ruby enviornment. I suspect it’s because I’m on Windows, but I’ve run into quite a few issues trying to get everything up and running, and I haven’t had the heart to fix them all until now. Seriously, Ruby on Windows is an absolute mess. I hope I never make the mistake of doing another personal project with Ruby again, because this is unacceptable.

For comparison, I checked out the most popular non-ruby static site generator out there which is a Python library called Pelican . I don’t even remotely like Python, but it was an absolute breeze to get up and running compared to Octopress with Ruby. I like the default look/layout a lot better on Octopress, so I decided to stick with the current setup for now, but I’m going to have to switch this blog over to something else eventually.

Who cares about that though. Let’s talk about the game that I’m making, It Always Ends In Nuclear War.

It’s been slow going, but I’ve been getting at least a few hours of work in every week, and I have super high hopes for this thing. The subtitle of this blog is “documenting my struggle to make a videogame”, and it really is an absolute fucking struggle. I feel like the code behind it is good, but there’s just so much to do, and if I’m being perfectly honest I have no idea how to design a video game. It feels debilitating knowing that it’s all on me to make this thing a reality. I feel like I’d be a lot better off personally if I had never decided to try to make a game, but I think I’ve reached a point where I not only have to finish it, but where I know that I can in fact finish it, and that it’s going to be good. It’s a very nice and sobering thought to me.

When it’s closer to being complete I’ll get around to posting about how it actually plays, but for now I just wanted to post this little update.