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Rise of the Sioux

Posted on 2017-06-11

Back in 2012 someone created this topic on reddit which described a game of Civilization II that the poster had been playing for almost a decade. They changed the way votes are tallied up so it’s hard to say if this is still true, but at the time it was one of the highest upvoted threads in reddit history. It described a 1984-like post apocalyptic world in which 3 world powers were locked in a never ending struggle for supremacy. The year was 3,991 A.D. and the world had been wrecked by nuclear weapons and global warming.

Civilization II is one of my all time favorite games. I’m not sure if I began work on It Usually Ends In Nuclear War before that thread was posted, but if it was after, this post probably helped me start thinking in that direction. There was something special about Civ 2, you don’t get games like that in the later iterations of the series.

A subreddit popped up for this in which people posted stories about their playthroughs of the game. I took a good hard look at the world and realized that the OP of the original post had actually neglected to talk about one of the nations still alive left in the world. On a small island in the center of the planet existed the Sioux, a small band of 100,000 people. They were a republic in a world of superpower religious theocracies and dictatorships.

I decided that I had to take up a game with them as my mantle. I wrote up this story about my playthrough back in 2012, and it got a fair number of positive comments.

This type of thing is what I love. World building through nothing but solid mechanics and your own imagination. I very much want to recreate this feeling in the game I’m making.

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