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Untitled Project

Posted on 2017-04-20

I’ve been working on a few prototypes for a 2D action-roguelite that I’ve had in my head in some form or another since 2012. The driving idea behind it is a minimalistic 2D game based on capturing the feel of a DBZ fight. LBZ is the closest game I can think of which is out there, and it’s not quite what I want in terms of game feel or style.

Below we’ve got videos which show a few prototypes made with this project in mind. The latest version is based off the second video shown below.

  • a video showing off a particle system I built during a sleepless night
  • a video showing off three programs -- a possible energy attack effect, an experiment on how to achieve malleable terrain, and a simple gameplay / flight system mockup I had made back in late 2012.
  • 2D Ragdoll physics

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