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Graduated from Dev Bootcamp

Posted on 2014-03-29

It’s been a pretty crazy week. I just graduated from Dev Bootcamp after a full week of working on my final project. Final Projects basically work like this – There’s a pitch day where people throw out suggestions on what to work on. Then there’s voting to decide what ideas get picked and which people work on which teams, after which point you get a week to work on the project. When the week is up, you present your projects in front of the entire school / a group of employers. Teams consisted of 4-5 people, and there were 4 teams in total.

To make a long story short, I think we all did very very well. Our cohort bent the rules a bit and decided to self organize into teams with ideas beforehand, and I think this played a factor into how strong everyone’s project was. Regardless, I was super impressed and proud of what my fellow cohortmates managed to create.

I’m just going to use the description that everyone provided for their projects and link to everyone’s repo

GrocerEase Our primary focus with this application is making it easier to plan and shop for healthy meals. We narrowed our focus to helping users find healthy recipes online and create grocery lists based on those recipes.

Infobytes The web is missing a centralized location for detailed instructions on completing full scale tech projects. Infobytes bridges this gap by offering an easy to use and customizable tutorial publisher, a standardized format, and a rating system that lets users know which tutorials are most useful.

trUism A tool to help prospective college students find out about the culture on different college campuses. We monitor social media output and use sentiment analysis to create a cultural profile for each school that tells the user what students are actually talking about.

Happening Now Allows a user to search for events (concerts, sporting events, conferences), select their favorite videos and photos from that event, and stitch it together to create their own unique video experience and join in the fun.

I worked on Happening Now. It was quite exhausting to put in 14 hour days for a week, but I’m super happy with how it turned out and very proud of what our team did. I learned a lot from this project. For example, we had to deal with the dynamics of working on a team, having a good team culture, the importance of good communication and a solid git workflow.

It was actually pretty fun in retrospect. I suppose it helps that I genuinely like everyone on my team quite a bit, and I honestly wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to work with on this project. It was pretty cool in that everyone had strengths which complimented each other nicely. I kept hearing from teachers and past students that we’d have fights and disagreements about the project, but we legitimately had none of that within in group.

In other news, I posted about participating in a Hackathon the other week. Chris Prater, Dustin Fox, and I all worked together on a small flappy bird clone. We had 6 hours to complete the project, and I think what we came up with was pretty cool, although I don’t think anyone else will appreciate its beauty.

I don’t think any of us were too comfortable with Javascript, and the engine that we settled on was actually quite terrible (we used a library called WADE).

Here it is in all its glory, though.

As for what’s next for me, well, DBC has something called Career Week for people who graduate. It starts this monday, and from what I can gather, they just help you prepare your resume / put you through mock interviews / things of that nature. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m all for it if it helps me get a job.

Other than that, I think I’m just going to continue to hack away in my spare time. I’m in the process of learning Lua, which is awesome(!), and I also dabbled into Python, which I really don’t like at all. I’m also still plugging away at a small clone of the game Civilization that I’ve been making for the past little while. I’ll probably post about that soon.

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