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New Website?

I’ve been thinking tonight about what my future plans are in terms of this blog. I enjoy posting on it, and want to do so more often, but perhaps more than that, I also want to add some features to this website (and in extension, It Always End’s In Nuclear War’s future website) that I think would be pretty awesome to have.

Unfortunately, they’re features that aren’t really suited to Wordpress. Wordpress is awesome and I have no complaints with it, but I do think it’d be a challenge to accomplish what I want to do with Wordpress.

I also find myself wanting to brush up on my Ruby skills, which are getting rusty at this point. I’m therefore thinking that I’m going to spend some time redoing the website, probably building it out with Ruby on Rails and switching over to Digital Oceans (sorry Bluehost!)… Or not. I’m not committed to this idea yet, it really depends on how much work it turns out to be. I suspect it’ll be very doable, but that might just be me being naive.

I mainly want to have the website closely linked with It Always Ends In Nuclear War. For example, I’ve been keeping a I’ve ever taken of the game, but it’s hosted on Dropbox, which isn’t really ideal. Those screenshots should be hosted on this website. I also think it’d be cool to continue documenting the game in this manner, even after I release it. I’m thinking aloud here, but It Always Ends In Nuclear War should have a screenshot button built in, which will automatically save the image to your PC, but also automatically upload it to this website for everyone to see. And we could go further than that. People in the Civilization Community post playthroughs of their games on community forums, and they’re actually a really fascinating thing to read. They go through painstaking detail to take screenshots as they progress through their game, and keep notes so that they remember what their thought process was during that point in the game. The game could provide a nice and official avenue to pursue something along those lines and have it posted here. Along that same manner of thought, there could be a centralized place to share saved games. You could tie in the documentation of the progress feature with the save game sharing, so that each picture is accompanied with a saved game.

I literally came up with that idea out of the blue while writing this. I’m not saying I’m going to do that, but I think there are a lot of really cool unexplored possibilities, and I want to have my options open in case I decide to pursue them. First thing first, transferring this blog off of Wordpress…