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It’s the Little Things Which Matter

Happy new year! Let’s get to it.

The Civilization series used to have a flaw in that the minimap would reveal exactly where you were on the map. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it could be abused in some situations. For example, if you spawned near the top of the map, you’d be able to see that and plan accordingly. Scouts would be sent south, settlers would be sent south, and no time would be wasted exploring the north of the map. I’m not sure what version of Civilization fixed this, but it was fixed by having the minimap zoom in to fit the area explored.

I’d like to have that same need for exploration in IAEINW. You should have to explore or look at the terrain type to figure out where you are on the map. Up until today, however, you were able to abuse the sides of the map to figure out where you were in the world. Check out this old screenshot to see what I mean.

A few months back I sort of fixed it by only drawing a side of the map if a player discovered a tile on that edge of the map, but this wasn’t perfect. The entire side was still drawn, so you could gauge exactly how large the map was and where you were in it once you discovered one edge. I’ve been wanting to fix this for a while now, and today I finally got around to it. I’m now only drawing the edges of the map between the furthest explored reaches of the edge. Check it out to see what I mean

There are more important things I could be working on, but it’s the little things that make me happy.