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Essay about Shooter Video Games: Good or Bad?

People say that playing video games can take out the stress they had within the day. There are so many video games that have become popular. And many people love playing shooter video games as they are exciting and engaging. But with this, some people say that it is not good to play these kinds of games as they promote violence. The argument for shooter video games is good to use in video game essay. A college student who is asked to write an essay can take the video game violence argumentative essay. This is interesting and will surely attract the interest of the readers. They can also take and create a video game addiction essay as this is a common issue in playing video games. There are so many arguments that one can use when they have the topic of video games. But in case the student does not have enough time to do all their essays and homework, then they can find someone to pay for homework. There are sites and services that offer essays and homework writing that students can hire. When writing an essay about video games, a student needs to list the good and bad things related to them.

Pros and Cons of Playing Shooter Video Games

• Pros
1. Enhance logical and problem-solving skills of a player
Playing video games can enhance the player's problem-solving skills as every difficulty is needed to be solved and finished. The logic of the player is also improved since they have to find a way to finish the levels and the game.
2. Develop multitasking skills
A player who engages in a video game for a long time can develop their multi-tasking skills. This happens because there are games that require a person to do many things at the same time. The level of the game depending on the genre like a shooter game requires the player's hands, eyes, feet function all together at the same time.
3. Exercise motor skills
A person's motor skills need exercise, and playing a video game especially a shooter theme is good for them. The continuous movements of the hands along with the fingers collaborating with the feet can exercise the motor skills.
4. Planning and decision-making skills
There are games that need a player to plan before making a move, and there are those situations that need immediate decision making. If a player can master these skills, then they will have a good chance to apply them in real life. This will also make the player realize that making bad decisions can give them bad results as well.
5. Focus and concentration
Once a player starts to engage in a console like those shooter games, their focus and concentration will be allotted only to the game. This improves their focus on the things that they need to do for the game.
• Cons
1. Behavioral management
A player who plays a shooter game for a long period of time must know how to manage their behavior. There are people that can be so affected by the game that they get irritated, annoyed or angry easily. Some would even get into violence because of the game. This is why control is important when playing these shooter video games.
2. Eyes and other health condition
When a person plays for a long straight number of hours, they may strain their eyes and hands. This can bring in some health issues. Their posture may also be affected. There are some players who play all night long giving them insufficient sleep which is harmful to their health.
3. Addiction
Those who are hooked in playing video games can develop an addiction. This is one of the bad effects that can be obtained if a person keeps playing video games for longer hours. Once addicted to it, a player will have a hard time separating themselves from the video games.
Playing video games should be treated as a time for relaxation and de-stressing. But overplaying can be bad for the person with their health and focus. In order to stay away from the cons that are listed above, proper self-control is recommended when you start engaging in video games particularly the shooter games.