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Computer Troubles

In the past few days:

  • My right computer speaker decided to stop working.
  • I had a pair of headphones which were pretty much indestructible, I’ve had them for years. I went to go for a run and found sound only coming out of one side.
  • My laptop has two hard drives – a small ssd which contains windows, and a 500 gig traditional hard drive which I stored all my files on. Windows said something about a catastrophic failure for the ssd…

I eventually ‘fixed’ my laptop by ignoring the problem and installing linux on the 500 gig drive. Before I got around to that, though, I went to log onto my desktop which, of course, refused to start up. It’d get to the windows screen, the screen would flash blue, and then it’d immediately shut down and attempt to start up again. Unbelievable.

I wasn’t too shocked seeing that this computer never quite worked right. I jokingly called it haunted a few times… Programs would randomly crash on me, it’d bluescreen occasionally, I’d get weird graphical glitches, and I’d say a good 7 times out of 10 it would outright refuse to boot past the motherboard splash screen. This time, though, I couldn’t get it to start up at all.

I’ve tried to fix it in the past. I’ve taken it apart and put it back together piece by piece trying to see which part was defective. I’ve even switched out the motherboard thinking perhaps that was the problem. Never had any luck. That is, until today.

It turns out that the hard drive is faulty, the hard drive wire is faulty, and I’m pretty sure the slot that I was plugging the SATA wire into on the motherboard is broken, too. So I would swap out the hard drive and the wire would still be causing problems for me. I’d swap out the wire and the hard drive would still be causing me problems. I’d change both and I guess I was plugging it into the same slot which of course caused me problems.

I swapped out the hard drive, swapped out the wire, and plugged it into a different slot. The computer is up and running and seems to be working fine, so I’m happy enough. I want to make a point here that I take good care of my stuff – I believe the parts were shipped to me defective. I just find it amazing that all three things combined and made it hell to figure out what was wrong.

This kind of hammers home the point that having good backups is important. My laptop served as a backup to my desktop, and my desktop served as a backup to my laptop. Who would have thought that both would fail at the same time? I’m just lucky that I also backup to an external HDD and Dropbox.