Daniel J. Petersen’s Devblog

Documenting my struggle to make a videogame.


Hey, my name is Daniel Petersen. Video games, programming, and my attempt to combine the two with a video game of my own is why we’re here. I’m working on a project called It Always Ends In Nuclear War, which is a game that aims to simulate history through the ages, allowing you to guide a people from the dawn of civilization into modern times.

I’m mostly a self taught programmer, currently situated in Boston, MA. I’m also a graduate of a program called Dev Bootcamp . Other than programming and video games, interests include running, bike riding, music (Electric Six, Modest Mouse, The National, Sufjan Stevens, Jonathan Coulton), tv (Game of Thrones!), and books (Dune!). Also sci-fi. Really love sci-fi.

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I can be contacted through Email .